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Santa Cruz Together is a diverse coalition of neighbors, leaders, and organizations who have come together to advocate for forward-thinking policies and people that protect our quality of life and Santa Cruz's vibrant character.

We successfully defeated Measure M because it would lead to fewer rental properties, more competition for rentals, and therefore even higher rents since California state law requires all rent to be unlimited when people move.  Measure M was a bad public policy that would have made the affordable housing shortage worse.

Property owners in the City of Santa Cruz are still under threat in 2019.   Councilmembers are considering extremely high taxes on real estate sales.   Also, the City Council is starting to implement rent control this month. The first step is a public Rental Registry requiring documentation of the reasons for rent increases and reasons for asking renters to move.   These registries are found in rent-controlled cities.   The Council is blatantly ignoring the voter majority by advancing rent control plans.    When this new Council started they immediately created a “Just Cause” eviction ordinance from the worst part of Measure M.  The threat of a referendum put this ordinance on hold, but it can still pass later.      

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Local Leaders Who Spoke Out Against Measure M:

"I cannot support legislation that will eliminate rentals, discourage construction of new rentals, protect problem rentals, reduce housing options for families and make housing more scarce and expensive for the majority of renters." Former Santa Cruz City Mayor Terrazas

“As someone working hard to greatly increase the amount of new affordable housing we create in Santa Cruz, I am saddened that the specific rent control measure being pursued in Santa Cruz is one that would prevent new rental housing from being built. We absolutely need to vote this measure down." - Sibley Simon, President, New Way Homes

“This measure will harm our quality of life: our already sttetched city budget will need to cut millions of dollars which are needed for critical city services in order to fund this unnecessary bureaucracy.” Pamela Comstock, former Santa Cruz City Council Member

“There is little evidence suggesting that Rent Control is an efficient or equitable way to address housing affordability. In fact, it is likely that Rent Control in Santa Cruz would protect a small minority of current renters, while exacerbating the problem of affordable housing for the majority of current and future renters.” - Jesse Cunha, Professor of Economics