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We Oppose The Santa Cruz Rent Control Initiative

The local Santa Cruz Rent Control and Tenant Protection Initiative has three major parts:

  • New laws restricting rights for every property in the city including single family homes, condos, duplexes and ADUs.
  • Creation of a new Rent Board bureaucracy costing millions paid for by both the city and new taxes on rentals.
  • For some apartments a limit on rent increases to the Consumer Price Index change per year.

Who Loses?
The vast majority.  No rent decreases.   Dramatically fewer rentals will be available and gentrification accelerated.  Average homeowners face new restrictions limiting whom they can rent to, and for how long.  Housing providers will no longer be able to take significant action to manage extra-large households, disabled vehicles, excessive noise, traffic, or even drug-dealing.  Overall rent costs will increase due to scarcity. Homelessness will increase. The character of neighborhoods will never be the same.

Who Wins With the Initiative?

Those who today are in an older apartment and plan to stay for the long term.  This is a minority of rental units and this groups size will go down every year.


People send us comments:

“As someone working hard to greatly increase the amount of new affordable housing we create in Santa Cruz, I am saddened that the specific rent control measure being pursued in Santa Cruz is one that would prevent new rental housing from being built.  We absolutely need to vote this measure down." - Sibley Simon, President, New Way Homes
“With these upcoming draconian rent control initiatives, we sold a rental late last year and plan to sell 2 more this year!  The one sold is no longer a rental property, buyers occupying it, expect that to happen with the 2 rentals we sell this year. There will be less rentals available as landlords/owners cannot make decisions about the property they won, let alone make a profit." - Karen
"I am a teacher that rents one small house.  My family does almost all the repairs, paid for a new roof, a new sewer system, paint and maintenance.  I have always kept the rent below market rate, but this encourages me to raise it now.  I need to catch up before it is too late and I have to pay fees for an unaccountable rent board."  - Greg